“Storm Sims has worked with me over the past year and made such a difference in my life and health. I feel 100% better, I am able to work better, be a better mom and a better wife because of how my health has improved. I have lived with fibromyalgia for the past 8 years and at times it can be crippling. Storm worked with me by modifying my workouts and helped me get a little stronger each week. This last year at the age of 41 I did my first full Tough Mudder race and my first Spartan Sprint. I never thought I would have been able to do either one of them but I did it!!  Thank you, Storm for all of your help, support and encouragement! I know you are going to do great and help a lot of other people!”

~Amanda Dusenberry

“This isn’t your average gym. This is where our future ninja warriors and OCR athletes and Parkour nuts will be made. It’s a place to train, but we are a family. We cry and laugh together. We succeed, and we fail as a family. Storm is an amazing person. You know this is his dream and his passion from the moment you walk through the door. What he will accomplish with the kids and yes the adults as well is fantastic. It’s a safe place for our youth. You will walk in shy maybe or bullied, but you will leave with confidence. That’s the magic of this place and in Storms talents. Check this place out. You won’t be sorry. No matter your story or injury or whatever Storm can and will be able to work and adapt and adjust to suite your goals and dreams and even show you things you can do that you thought you never could.”

~Janelle Richardson

“I was around 224 at my highest weight I’m now down to 169. It’s been an incredible journey. I have Storm Sims to thank for getting me out of my comfort zone and trying something different, it obviously works.     ~Alicia Holloway



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